Review of ‘Daughter of the Drackan’ by Jason Pere

‘Daughter of the Drackan’ is a strong new title in the fantasy genre. The novel is the first instalment of the ‘Gyenona’s Children’ saga written by Kat Hutson. Author Kat Hutson wonderfully combined strong traditional fantasy elements with some innovative new storytelling techniques, which create a world that feels familiar to fans of fantasy but not filled with the same tired, recycled clichés.

The characters in ‘Daughter of the Drackan’ are engaging, complex and well-developed. Each one has an element to which the reader can relate. The descriptions of the internal struggles experienced by the story’s protagonist are as jarring as any of the action depicted in the rest of the book.

The world created by Author Kat Hutson embraces the requisite sense of grand scale and deep history needed for a true saga in the fantasy vein. She creates a mythos that has so many layers and elements that the reader will find their imagination enthralled with all the possibilities and twist that lay in wait.

The plot strikes a perfect balance of intrigue and action. Kat Hutson is able to write strikingly vivid, detailed imagery and intense fight scenes that effortlessly draw the reader in. The story unfolds in a well-paced manner and keeps the reader turning pages in order to find out what happens next.

Kat Hutson and the ‘Gyenona’s Children’ saga are two things that avid fantasy readers will definitely want to keep a close eye on in the days to come.

Jason Pere, Author of the ‘Purgatory’ Series

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