5-Star Review of Daughter of the Drackan

“This is an amazing read. Most authors like their main character to be loved and wonderful and nice…no way. Not here. Kathrin managed to create a strong, aggressive female character whose curiosity drives her to do many things and go many places. It’s fantastic. Throughout the entire read, I found myself feeling what she felt. The main character, Keelin, is really well developed. She fights for what she believes in and doesn’t let other opinions or rules stand in her way. She doesn’t know who she is, physically, but she knows who she wants to be after all she goes through. Upon entering a world she despises because of how she was raised, Keelin finds herself doing many different things. She suffers so much, yet she grows from every loss. I love the main character because she is truly her own person, and Kathrin wasn’t afraid to write it out.

The entire world is one worth delving into. It is so well described, I found myself unable to compare it to something I know, now. The imagery in this book created the world as I read, unfolding it until I saw the world as I would my backyard, familiar and vivid.

The plot is amazing because it’s not something that just happens. It’s gradual. It is a journey with constant intrigue because the main character learns, and we learn right along with her. Sometimes that can be boring, but this is far from it because she’s experiencing a land for the first time, and it is as funny as it is dark and adventurous. This is an adventure you will definitely want to follow, not only for the incredible plot, but for the amazing character you get to take the journey with.”

You can find this review on Amazon here, and grab your own copy in ebook or paperback form!

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