CWC Project Covers

Working with Collaborative Writing Challenge as Story Coordinator, Chief Editor, and Sometimes-Author, I feel it’s my duty to give these fantastic publications a home on my author site as well.

CWC is a place of now around 175 international authors, all coming together over the course of eight months to write a full-length genre fiction novel, one week at a time. This is a fantastic opportunity for any writer, of any experience level and background, to stretch their brains in the realms of fiction and working with other amazing authors.

Check out the CWC website at to see more details on what we do. If you’d like to join our monthly newsletter for updates on publications and new projects, click here.

These collaborations, as well as the anthologies shown under the ‘CWPH Publications’ tab, are all published through CW Publishing House, dedicated exclusively as a home and support for genre fiction written by two or more authors. The world of collaborative fiction is expanding, and we like to be at the forefront, helping new writers hone their skills and get their phenomenal work out there!